Welcome to Psi-Tronics!

We incarnated as Souls in this lifetime to accomplish this transition. As co-creators with God it is our responsibility to create a world of Dominion. The 4th Dimension we are entering into is our opportunity to do this by shifting the morphogenic field of Human Consciousness. We have to agree on how we want to experience life on Earth in the 5th dimension, and create it.

The 4th dimension is a time/space continuum where we have conscious awareness of How Things Work, and we move upward progressively through 12 octaves of consciousness by self-examination, releasing old patterns and forms, and learning to make right-choice in the principals of Dominion.

We are earning the right to remember we are individualized expressions of God, and we are returning to God Awareness.

Here you can find information on book releases, CD’s, workshops, dowsing tools, crystalsradio shows and healing.

Frank Jordan, Boise, Idaho, is an empathic intuitive that is in direct contact with the galactic beings who are guiding earths transition into the 4th and 5th dimensions. He is an active water, mineral, and missing persons dowser and Healer. To read more about Frank, click here.

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