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“Clear physical, emotional, and psychological ailments faster than ever!”

The development of low frequency light emitting diodes, LED bulbs, has given us a new tool that can be used to direct and control frequencies of light, by color selection, through large quartz crystals to translate light frequencies into Subtle Energy frequencies. This opens the potential of:

  • The stimulation of the Chakras through color to energize and harmonize them.
  • Clearing of negative patterns stored in the Chakras.
  • The capability of programming the crystal with intent for healing in the Subtle system.
  • Accessing the Chakras to Clear energetic blocks.
  • Opening Chakra vibra-ports for psychic scanning.
  • Accessing the Group Mind Consciousness.
  • Access to the lower levels of the Low Self for Clearing that has not been possible before.
  • Potential of direct positive programming into the Chakras system.
  • Accessing past lives and Clearing Karma.
  • Accessing future realities for information.
  • Breaking addictive patterns.
  • Creating our reality instead of being subjective to it.
  • Clearing obsessive behavior like post-traumatic fatigue syndrome.

How it Works:

Our bodies are living bio-computers with silicon-dioxide molecules, other salts, and water in every cell and nerve in our bodies. As living bio-computers, we retain every pattern that resonates into us through subtle energy vibra-portals that connect us with everything. Water is a liquid crystal storage disc that holds information. Every organ in our bodies is a living storehouse of information that communicates with every other organ in a symbiosis of consciousness. When an organ is exposed to stress, or stores negative patterns, it affects every other organ in the body. Every illness, disharmony, or dis-ease, is an expression of stored thought forms of experiences, both good and bad. Good experiences empower the organism, bad ones become stored personal karma that with Clearing, allows the organism to function to the highest level of it’s potential.

7 Main Chakras

The cerebral cortex of our brain is the desktop of our bio computer. The Chakra system is the hard disc that stores information as subtle energy. When we require information, we focus our attention on the subject, and the information rises by resonance from the subconscious mind as subtle energy to the frontal lobes of our conscious mind, where it is extrapolated into linier form, or language, we can understand.

The conscious mind is very linier, and can only hold one thought or concept at a time. The subconscious mind has access to all information held in active memory in our Chakra system, the group mind consciousness, or by intuition it can attracted information held in Earth Mind, the Akachic records of the past. If the information desired is not found there, it can extrapolate knowledge from the Universal Mind.

The secret to accessing the subconscious mind is that as we THINK of a subject we FEEL in our body where the thought form is stored as subtle energy, and as we concentrate that is all we feel.

We CLEAR the thought form, or pattern, by taking part of our attention to the feeling, wrapping our awareness around it, and PUSHING the energy out of our body. This is the Clearing The Way technique developed by Frank to clear the mental/emotional cause of dis-ease to allow spontaneous healing to occur. (It helps to create in your mind a “torus”, a black hole spinning clockwise away from your body like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the energy into another dimension where it is to be neutralized.)  Some people use the Violet Flame for this.

The next thing you need to know is that the frequency levels of our Chakras are like an octave on a piano keyboard; seven major levels, six minor.  The heart is the f note separating the High Self, positive polarity consciousness, from the Low Self negative polarity consciousness. Each level holds positive and negative patterns and information as thousands of frequencies stored in the files of our crystal matrix. Positive patterns support our reality as our living conscious awareness. Negative patterns detract from our self-perception, and our capacity to create a joyful, productive reality.

Frank Jordan has written an operators manual called “Clearing The Way to a Higher Consciousness” which explains in detail how to Clear your bio-hard disc of negative patterns and programs. It contains lists of explicit patterns you may find stored in your system that serve as unconscious blocks to raising your frequency level. It also teaches you how to reprogram positive traits into your system. CTW is an excellent guide to assist you in Clearing the higher levels of your system, but until now, there has not been a safe way to access the lower levels of the Chakra system that resonates with Earth Mind. This is the hell-pit of humanity that has stored in it all the most negative experiences of Humankind during our tenure on this planet. Now, with new technology, Stephan has shown the way with Transitional Light Therapy, utilizing new awareness of how crystals can be used to access the subconscious mind. (Stephan is a Higher Light Being that through Frank, channels scientific and spiritual information from the Galactic Center to aid us in the Transition.)

What Does Science Have to Say?

Abstract: Light therapy has a long history, dating from ancient Egypt to the contemporary treatment of seasonal affective disorder. In the early half of this century, Dinshah Ghadiali, MD PhD, refined a sophisticated system of color therapy. Influenced by a strong background in mathematics and physics, he determined specific “attributes” of the colors of the spectrum, i.e., their specific effects on human physiology. Later research has confirmed many of his concepts and spawned evolution of new systems for application of light therapy including irradiation of acupuncture points. According to the author, his system dovetails nicely with traditional Oriental medicine theory, relating colors to the internal organs and meridian system. Of particular note is recent Russian research which has shown that light is conducted within the body along the acupuncture meridians leading the authors to ponder: Do acupuncture meridians function as a light (photon) transferal system within the body, not unlike optical fiber? Case studies provide support for the clinical benefits of light therapy. The emerging contemporary color therapy systems of Mandel (Colorpuncture) and McWilliams (Chromo-pressure) are discussed, and a newly patented device is introduced.

TRADITIONAL Oriental medical theory states that Qi is the animating force behind life, the cosmic forces of Nature, and is the root of all things. If one stays in touch with Qi, one’s life will be healthy in all its phases.

Traditional acupuncturists apply the simple and yet complex theories of Qi to treat a wide range of ailments from pain to chronic illness and functional problems, through insertion of very fine needles at the acupuncture points thereby creating a disturbance in the energetic field. Stimulation of acupuncture points, being more electrically conductive, produces a polarity or electrical gradient, facilitating electromagnetic conduction, or movement of Qi.

Click here to read the full article.

What’s Included?

  • Track Light
  • LED Light
  • Remote Control
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Manual (Bonus: “The principles of Dominion” by Stephan)

How Much Does it Cost?

Including everything above and free shipping, the Transitional Crystal LED Light Therapy Kit is only $150!



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Priced Reduced for Wolf Spirit Radio Listeners! Now Costs $125!!!


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What Others Have to Say:

My experience with the LED crystal lights has been very beneficial for clearing chakras. After several sessions using the lights I have been able to clear negative patters that were latent. This allows me to access higher frequencies. The more I use the lights the clearer I become. many old negative patterns that I have struggled with for a long time are dissipating as I continue to use the lights on a regular basis. – Rich Ralston

I’ve been working briefly with the lights, and have noticed profound effects already! My first experience using the lights I cleared my root chakra. The energy down there was extremely dense. As I cleared the energy away, I felt lighter and happier! My next experience with the light, I cleared my heart chakra. The last few days, I had been feeling a slight pain in my heart center. That night while clearing my heart chakra with the Crystal LED light kit I felt a wave of energy pour out of me. I began to cry with joy and happiness. My third experience with the Crystal LED Light was when I hurt my knee bending down to fix something. My knee ached all day. I could barely move it. When I got home from work, I focused the light on my knee and cleared the pain away. Instantly I felt 50% better. The next day, I had no pain! The more I use this crystal, the more convinced I am that there are powers beyond our 3rd dimensional comprehension. If you want take your psychic abilities to the next level; heal past traumas, you need to get this Crystal LED Light kit! – Michael Sieler


Get Yours Now!

Priced Reduced for Wolf Spirit Radio Listeners! Now Costs $125!!!


TLLTK Banner 200x200

Click “Add to Cart” when you’re ready to powerfully change your life with the

Transitional Crystal LED Light Therapy Kit!


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